Rain gutters are troughs and collection channels and are a part of roof construction which allow rain water to be collected and discarded. They are very often called gutters or eaves troughs and are usually found on the outer edges of a roof.

The main purpose of rain gutters is to collect water and discard it through downspouts, preventing water build up on the roof and around the foundation of a house.

This prevents various kinds of damage such as wear on paint or other surfaces, the eroding element of water, the reduction and prevention of leaks in various parts of the home, and can even be used in a rainwater collection system for the reuse of water in other parts of the home.

The climate in the Salt Lake City area allow for rain gutters to be made from many kinds of materials such as plastic, aluminum, wood, concrete or metal.

As part of the gutter system, rain water is most often diverted by a spout which runs from the gutter, down along the side of the house, and pours the water out a desired distance away from the base of the house. If there is a means in place to collect the rainwater, then the spout may lead into some sort of reservoir, barrel or container.

There are different construction methods of rain gutters. A concealed gutter that is part of the roof and runs deeper than most, is called a box gutter. Most gutters run along the roof a house.

The material can be joined to form the length of the gutter or a seamless gutter can be created by using modern technology which allows gutters to be formed in longer lengths.

Rain gutters most often have holds or screens on top of them to cut down or eliminate the waste material that can build up within the rain water (leaves, dirt, etc.).

Gutters,  troughs, or down spouts can be constructed, formed, covered or painted to fit the overall appearance of a home. They serve a necessary function and are important to the maintainability of a home, but the design element can also be taken with extra attention. They can contribute to or reduce the overall beauty of the home.

The usual maintenance of these systems is cleaning and removing clogs. Debris and dirt which make its way into gutter via rainwater can cause blockages and water to build-up or overflow. Somewhat regularly your gutters will need to have all of this debris to be removed.

Rain gutters can be customized to fit functional and design purposes designated by the home owner or builder.

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