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Rain Gutters Profiles

Despite having become a basic part of both residential and commercial properties, rain gutters have many complexities that the average homeowner isn’t familiar with. The amount of options available concerning materials and design comes as an appealing trait that provides more practical benefits without having to disrupt a building’s esthetic.

Betty’s Best Rain Gutters is a licensed company with decades of professional experience and the latest technology for the installation of the most sophisticated rain guttering systems. Our rain gutter specialists make a close evaluation of your home and walk you through the best selection of styles to match your preferences. Our vehicles are equipped with the necessary gear to manufacture a guttering system with the precision required for the job, from the classic gutter styles that most homeowners want to replicate to custom-made gutters tailored to the harshest downpours and the complex structure of your property. We bring the necessary equipment straight to your doorstep.

These are the main rain gutter styles included in our manufacture and installation services:


Box Gutters

The name “box gutter” alludes to two basic traits: One is the square ‘boxy’ shape of the gutter itself, and another is the gutter’s placement in a building, with the guttering system embedded in the roof (either on its edge or near its middle area) and running around its perimeter. Their esthetic value makes them the go-to solution when renovating historic buildings or during the construction of big business establishments.

A good choice in terms of visual appeal and efficiency. Their size helps them carry more water than most gutter profiles, turning box gutters into a favorite among owners of large buildings and different commercial establishments. Their square structure is very durable, with different variations introduced through the years to allow a cleaner look when used on houses and residential properties.

K style Gutters

They are called K-Style gutters because they appear to be shaped like the letter K when viewed from the side. They have a very characteristic design that allows a very distinguished look in both traditional homes and industrial buildings.

This gutter became popular in the 1960s with the advent of industrial metal fabrication and seamless gutter technology. Nowadays, they are the most common type of gutter used in America.

K-Style gutters are also called “Ogee gutters.” Even if these gutters are made with light materials, their shape prevents them from bending when struck by force, which is a huge benefit for any homeowner and, more importantly, your home.

Half-rounded Gutters

As its name suggests, a half-round gutter is a half-circle gutter with curled-top outer edges on both sides and in some cases in only one side.Half-round gutters are one of the most efficient and long-lasting types in the marketplace. Their round shape with no beards allows rainwater and debris to flow freely all the way down, also letting them fill with more water than the K-style.

These gutters provide many practical advantages. For one, they wide diameter allows minimal toll while cleaning since most of the solid elements are effectively carried away along with the water. Forming an open half-circle, half-round gutters provide little room for debris to get stuck in.

Our large team of rain gutter specialists is ready to work on all kinds of constructions in the Wasatch Valley, making sure your rain gutters are properly blended into the structure to guarantee the safety and endurance of your water-channeling system. Through our portable manufacturing machines and the most durable materials, Betty’s Best Rain Gutters Solution creates any of the following gutter profiles according to your needs and preferences:

  • 7″ Commercial Box Gutter.
  • 7″ K-Style Gutter.
  • 6″ Box Gutter.
  • 6″ European Box Gutter.
  • 6″ K-style Gutter.
  • 6″ Half Round Gutter
  • 6″ Half Round Reverse Curl Gutter.


We offer the most popular gutter designs adapted to the appropriate sizes depending on each case, whether you want to add a rain guttering system without endangering your home and the people in it, or if you own a big commercial establishment that can’t withstand the constant downpours in your area.

Depending on your budget, you can have your rain gutters made in aluminum or in copper for a sturdier structure. Our gutters have sleek designs that don’t sacrifice the functionality that turns aluminum into such a popular choice. To add to the visual appeal of your rain guttering system, We offer a wide range of color choices for your custom-made gutters. This way, your rain guttering system will blend seamlessly to the layout of your house or commercial establishment.

If you want to install a versatile rain guttering system in your new home or you plan on upgrading the flawed gutters of your company building, our Rain Gutters Specialists can help you. We have years of experience working with all rain gutter styles, adapting the size of gutters to the design of a house, and manufacturing custom-made rain gutters to perfectly complement a building’s structure without compromising the safety of both its foundations and the surrounding areas. You can reach us via phone call or email to get detailed information and schedule an appointment to install your own rain guttering system. Call (801) 935-6920 today or fill out our website’s contact form and we’ll start working with you right away!