Fascias and soffits are an integral part of roof construction that reinforce and strengthen the entire system. They can also serve as a means for attaching rain gutters or eaves in gutter installation.

Two elements will make up the fascia

The piece which runs along the rafter and the pieces which covers the fascia, appropriately called a fascia cover. Typically these pieces will hold the gutter.

Fascias refer to any horizontal surface which run along rafters or the tops of walls or columns. In a typical roof structure, fascias will be the horizontal surface which run along the tail edges of the rafters on a roof.
The soffit is the material attached at a 90 degree angle between the wall of the house, the fascia surface and fascia cover. This strengthens the overall fascia system and serves as reinforcement for the gutter to be attached to the fascia.
Soffits cover the exposed area between the end of the roof and the wall of the house. They are usually visible on the outside and will therefore be of an appealing finish. The material used can vary from aluminum, plastic or wood.
Soffit length can also vary depending on roof construction from a few inches or centimeters, a few feet or more than a meter.

The materials of these two elements vary and their construction can vary as well. For instance, the fascia surface may be rolled, allowing for an increase in length and a change in material surface, such as indentation that increases strength.

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